Differentiate your business with branding.

Products are becoming more and more indistinguishable from each other. Similar products have similar features, benefits, quality and pricing. In this case, the real differentiator becomes an emotional value associated with the product. Such value can only be perceived through the creation of a brand with a compelling story to tell. While branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, a lot of organizations fall short on establishing a strong and sustainable brand.

Explosure is a brand creator. We work with companies to define how their brand will be translated into a visual identity, a tone of voice, a sentimental attachment and a lifestyle. We align the brand with the company’s vision and its business model, so it delivers one message across all departments and activities.

Create an emotional link with your audience.

Our branding services include:

  • Brand naming. Taking into account the context in which a business is being developed, we perform a thorough research to determine the best name for your company or product.
  • Vision. Define the mental picture of what you want your brand to achieve over time. Your employees need to be inspired and guided on where they’re getting in 5 or 10 years. We help you establish your vision so it draws an image of an ambitious, attainable and common future.
  • Mission. Your mission statement should clearly say what you do, how you are doing it and whom you are doing it for. It reflects your near-future measurable objectives. We work with you on setting a solid mission that employees can adhere to, so that the entire company moves forward in the same direction.
  • Brand architecture. How do your brands relate to each other and what differentiates them from each other? We help you structure the different brands within your portfolio so you know how they support and interact with each other.
  • Brand analysis. We develop the positioning of your brand vis-à-vis its competitors, as well as its own element mix. Defining who your target audience is and how you want them to perceive your brand is essential in setting a clear tone of voice and character that determine the behavior of your brand.
  • Brand attributes. Do you know what you want your brand to stand out for? We work on a set of attributes that shape the personality of your brand, making it appeal to the intellect and the emotions of people the way it should.

Looking to develop your brand? Get in touch so we assist you in doing that!