Marketing Services

Grow your business with clear objectives.

The survival and growth of a company depends on a clear marketing strategy that defines the product mix and its implementation over the coming years. A marketing strategy needs to define the different elements of the marketing mix to provide clear and sustainable value propositions to the different market segments targeted.

Moreover, once the strategy is set, it is sometimes hard to find the right team with the right skills to implement this strategy.

At Explosure, we have over 30 years of combined experience in marketing strategy and operations. We will handle your marketing operations to make sure you get the right implementation of your mix.

The first step in a product’s lifetime is awareness.

Our marketing services include:

  • Strategy. We will work with you to define your marketing strategy, your target audience and the marketing roadmap to be followed to achieve your objectives.
  • Operations. We handle all your marketing operations and coordination with third parties for the execution of marketing jobs, from printing to event coordination, graphic design, digital development and online marketing.
  • Research and development. We help you in carrying out research to set a clear marketing mix. We equally work with you on developing new products or new market segments in line with your overall strategy.
  • Market communications. We handle all your market communications in line with the latest market trends. We equally manage your communications budget to make sure you get a quick and relevant ROI.