Celine Chami

Founder, Managing Director

Celine Chami is a brand builder and a social media expert. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing, communication and branding. Celine is the brand strategist at Explosure. She’s the one envisioning brands creation and growth, as well as their right portrayal on social media.

Marwan Ammoun

Co-founder, Business Director

Marwan Ammoun has been working in product marketing for Tech related products and services for over 15 years. Marwan is the business mind of Explosure. He wears many hats handling business consultancy, online advertising and digital strategy.

Cha'am Maalouly

Manager, Business Development

Cha’am Maalouly is a market strategist and business development professional. She worked with different HORECA companies and in FMCG with Procter and Gamble in the past 10 years. She is leading the expansion of Explosure in MENA and Gulf countries as business development manager.

Nathalie Alam

Sr. Graphic Designer

Nathalie Alam is a graphic designer at Explosure. She’s in charge of the conception and development of every visual produced by Explosure. You can say she pretty much runs the design kitchen, always working on new ideas to take every brand to a higher visual level.